World’s most mobile building’ unveiled

G3 Spaces launches Unfold with world’s first live demonstration

Amsterdam, October 26, 2017 – A fully mobile, expandable building the size of a shipping container has been launched today by G3 Spaces, a Netherlands-based global innovator in relocatable spaces.

The new Unfold unit is designed to provide a flexible, multi-purpose space. It expands in minutes at the touch of a button, transforming from the dimensions of a standard shipping container to either 65m2 or 100m2.The building can then be customised as needed, for work, living or leisure.

The Unfold was unveiled today in a live demonstration and will be on general sale from November 2017.

Easy transportation
Created by G3 Spaces in cooperation with UK-based company; Ten Fold Engineering, the unit has standard shipping container dimensions but, once unfolded, creates an area that would require four times the amount of storage space. It unfolds almost entirely using gravity, and does not require special equipment or staff, meaning operational costs are minimal.

Adapts to suit need
The Unfold’s interconnecting pods can be stacked together, enabling the structure to expand its capacity and perform different functions as needed, such as comfortable and high quality homes, hotels, schools or office space.

Utilities, including heating and cooling, plumbing and electricity are all integrated and the Unfold is insulated to withstand varying weather conditions, making it suitable for use anywhere in the world.

“The Unfold is an exciting invention offering near limitless possibilities in the world of mobile spaces,” according to Chris Dijk, Co-Founder of G3 Spaces. “The 21st century customer wants smarter, more sustainable places that address the demands of our dynamic society. We offer smart, relocatable spaces for work, living and leisure and our first example is the Unfold, the world’s most mobile building.”

Dutch design company Tjep is responsible for the interior of the unit. The Unfold will tour the Middle East as a product showcase, with launching partner Tharawat, starting from December.

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